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Web Edition Cover June 2017

Risk and Reward

One of Jesus’ more befuddling pronouncements was His description of a manager who charged clients of his master half of what they really owed so they would befriend him. “The people of this world are much more shrewd in handling their affairs than the people who belong to the light,” Jesus said (Luke 16:8). Jesus used the story to illustrate that the risks resulting in the greatest rewards deal with eternal consequences. Several features in the current issue of War Cry Online  look at the trade-off between risk and reward:

  • Born risk taker David Wise never found a slope too steep to ski. His abandon propelled him to Olympic Gold. Today he takes up a new risk daily in a contest closer to home.
  • A nurse offers suggestions for how caregivers can help those with Alzheimer’s—and remain sane themselves.
  • A wife of 46 years considers the formula that made for a rewarding marriage.
  • Emergency workers find reward in countering terrorist attacks with community service.

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