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War Cry Online

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From Prodigal to Platinum

In the parable of the lost sheep, we read about a shepherd who leaves his 99 sheep to find the one lost in the wilderness. Like the good shepherd, we are commanded to seek out the lost and vulnerable among us and bring them back into God’s fold.

In this issue of War Cry Online we read about:
  • Kem’s journey from prodigal to platinum,
  • the joy of a father whose son returned from the far country,
  • chaplains who compassionately serve the imprisoned,
  • a $50 million donation that will help so many homeless in San Diego
  • how Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of freedom and justice beckons us today, and
  • Billy Graham’s respect for Salvation Army service.

We pray that as you read this issue you will be inspired to find your way home if lost, to be as the angels who rejoice over one sheep who returns, to be engaged in aiding those in need of help and to be like God who looks beyond appearances to see the intentions of the heart.  Subscribe free today!

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