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A Holy Battle

William Booth said, “We want to join in a holy battle for the redemption of mankind.” As we seek to join the battle we must have the courage and faith to move forward with purpose and seek to understand and embody the mission of the Army. As we “hold together…there will be giants again even in our own days.”

In this issue of War Cry Online we read about:
  • The Salvation Army, what is it really?
  • A message from the Editor-in-Chief about how he met the Army and “wanted more than anything to be a part of it.”
  • General Cox’s work around the world and the impact of the Army’s ministry “when we get the mission right.”
  • Champions who fight for the exploited and offer human dignity and strength.
  • Sharing the good news on the International Day for the Unreached.

As you read this issue, may you have a deeper desire to learn more about the Army, the mission and its impact and be inspired to mobilize and go forward in the Lord’s Holy Battle for good. Subscribe free today!

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