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Message from the Editor:  One Great Fellowship of Love


NEW Digital Magazine: War Cry Online

Web Edition Cover August 2016

The new edition of “War Cry Online” offers a fresh take on topics in the news:

  • Education for the disadvantaged reaches 600,000 students around the world.
  • A sojourner from the United States is embraced by her neighbors in Kenya.
  • The secret to good living rediscovered in holiness teaching.
  • A victim of bullying learns how to rise above the unfairness.
  • The interesting backstory to the new “Ben-Hur”movie.

May this issue renew your hope in the power of goodwill and the gospel.

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“War Cry” Awarded by the EPA and ACP

WC Cover December 2015

The War Cry received awards from the Evangelical Press Association (EPA) and the Associated Church Press (ACP) for excellence in Christian publishing and journalism.

The EPA awarded the War Cry first place in its Higher Goals category for best cover for its Christmas 2015 edition (illustrated by Cliff Nielsen). The War Cry also received an Award of Merit in the Awards of Excellence—Denominational category.

The ACP’s top Award of Excellence in the category of Reporting and Writing: In–depth Coverage in a Magazine/Journal, went to the War Cry for the February 2015 issue, in which features by Lt. Colonel Allen Satterlee and Major Frank Duracher covered Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Community Centers as Magnets for Community.

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