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War Cry Online

Image of November 2017 War Cry Online — Homeless Man Having Meal

Faith, Gratitude & Service

As storms literally rage around us and turmoil grips us, we can still cultivate a spirit of gratitude and bring each other light in dark times.

In the latest issue of War Cry Online we learn about those serving thousands affected by storms, floods and fires, about aiding refugees in Uganda, about a man who truly “walks by faith, not by sight” and found a miracle through his trials. Colonel Allen Satterlee encourages us to give thanks in the midst of storms and explains how God answers our prayers while giving us the strength to endure.

May these and other stories inspire you to move forward with faith, gratitude and service. Subscribe free today!

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Cover Image War Cry November 2017—Man, Woman, Dog Wading in Flood Waters TX Image November 2017 Issue Cover — Homeless Man Having Meal Cover Image YS November 2017—Refugee Standing on a Shoreline