2016 International Media Symposium Provides Exchange of Ideas



Six national were represented by 80 delegates to the 2016 International Media Symposium, hosted by the USA Eastern Territory at headquarters located in West Nyack, New York. The is the first such gathering since 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Special guest speakers included Phil and Kathleen Cooke (Cooke Pictures), Todd Komarnicki (screen writer, producer, director, novelist), and Cassidy Wren (The Richards Group). Presenters included David Giles, Bram Bailey, and Bryan Merrill.

Each represented territory, as well as some divisions, provided short videos designed to share the latest media ideas and ministries promoted in their part of the Army world.

“You are part of the Army’s future,” declared Colonel Kenneth Johnson, USA East Chief Secretary. “The cutting-edge technologies you are mastering today could never have been conceived by my parents a generation ago—and generations yet unborn will refer to your work that will tell the Army’s history in the 21st Century!”


— Major Frank Duracher, Assistant Editor